Between 1999 and 2001 I traveled I traveled extensively the most in my life and enjoyed to many places to discuss with you just one at any length in one sitting.

I was also kidnapped once and held hostage in Mexico along with others, and it was through cunning, great acting and Gods help that I escaped and naturally I later reported everything.

So you have to be careful when you travel but today things are much better.

I think what I loved most about traveling was enjoying the countryside and so few people truly are allowed to enjoy the freedoms of travel as I have.

When traveling to get to know the country you have to do it when your young and commit a whole summer to traveling when your not in school and take your backpack and be ready for anything.

For most you, you will be staying in Hostels like they do in Europe and get to know your great country using buses and trains.  This is the most afordable way and the way European youth travel through the United States.

Be ready to meet people for thats what traveling is all about.  It is exciting and something that is feasable for most kids in the United States of America.

– JC Angelcraft