Welcome to Literacy and adventure through inner space and through the Internet wherein without spending one penny, the world will open up to your eyes and even ears.

Literacy is about reading words and in this world the written word is everything.

The greatest thing about words are their ability to stimulate our imaginations and inspire us to great works.  The greatness of words exist in the power they have to heal our souls and to exercise us of all maladies.

Through words we can console ourselves and console others and even bring forth the adventures that stir in us the courage to face life head on.

Real life is an adventure of words not yet written and it can sometimes be scary to some people making the words and books of others even more important to our lives.

And through books we can live in any part of the world and in any time in history.  Without words our lives would be dull affairs filled only with the vanity of beauty.

What else would we have without words, but vanity.  What would become of us if did not read words?  We would be lazy donkeys that’s what would become of us.

Words add meaning and purpose to beauty and life.  Words undress us and clothe us with understanding and reveal our true natures.

Words and letters have been a part of human existence for thousands of years and nothing in the worlds is prized more than our ability to communicate with words even through symbols.  And to the privileged through words we come to prosecute the enemies of this world.

And it is by words that we are led and inspired on to learn of the greatest legends of good vs evil and by words through which we  come to know our God.

Though words we come to know the beginning and the end of many great stories.  There are in our world libraries an untold number of great adventures just waiting to be read and to lock us in their grip and a into a time of our past.

If it blesses you to know, you can know again what you have forgotten by reading history and thus traveling safely back in time, you can again know the places and things locked safely in the remembrance that exists between pages.

Words are a bridge between life and death and so read that you might live and leave death in the places it deserves to be.  And live your life inside a book once in a while and you will know the rewards of literacy.     JC Angelcraft