Around the world there was civil war.

It started in Spain in an uprising at Granada when Spanish Muslims and Christians working together took the small municipality and Administration of Granada Spain.

The Students and Cadets were Led by Vasquez a Basque Journalist and Student and the secret leader of the revolution inside spain who no one knew if she or he was man or a woman.  One thing was clear is that Vasquez was going to restore the Throne of Spain back to Christ, but other students groups some who were facist would contend for the supremacy of Spain.

The King and his Son had been compromised long ago and everyone knew it. The priests of the Church of Rome at Spain had stopped taking confessions and made services more friendly and easy to attend. The soldiers who could die any day each in their own turn could now safely attend masses and take communion.  At certain intervals and special times Muslim Soldiers found sanctuary in the Church and were allowed to bow towards Mecca where in 569A.D. using the Dead Seal Scrolls of Qumr’an Israel, The Holy Spirit reestablished a church and a Crown through Mohammad believed to be the return of Jesus Christ.

A large shipment of Heroine was scheduled to enter Europe through Granada.  Drugs was just one of the reasons students cadets the military and civilians had suffered in spain.  Protection for this billion Dollar cache was minimal and no one expected problems let alone an uprising. But at the days end students and cadets together destroyed the shipment taking no money, no pictures and not one drop of heroin for themselves.

In Day one of reenactment and Festival of the Reconquista in Granada Spain the event used to begin the takeover of the city, Granada’s Administrators were hosting Mason leaders from Asia.

News of a drug war filled the newspapers and death tolls were mounting and the people who had disappeared and were abducted by government, ended up in newspapers as drug war deaths.  Millions of deaths of undocumented people had since world WWII gone on without mourning, but not without notice.

Hospitals, the drug war and wars being fought by Masons around the world were excellent places to hide casualties and the murders of people men women and children, but it became increasingly difficult for them to do so and similar to Africa concentration camps and refugee camps out of nowhere appeared in Spain just outside their metropolises and said to be handling an influx of immigration from the wars in Palestine and in Africa.

The feeling in Spain was similar to World War II when General Franco Handed the Nazis a list of Spanish Jews even after the Nazis’ defeat in 1945.  It is said that the Spanish Crown and its government tried to destroy all evidence of its cooperation with the Germans after WWII.

Deaths among Mason low-level mafia members had escalated and now Secret Societies were demanding that their drug dealers kill their men and women and kill all female prostitutes when asked by Masons as their tribute and sacrifice to their allegiance.

This started an internal international drug war within  the Mason Mafia that escalated until Mason militaries had killed and subdued the trade and took control it of through the Drug war but it did not end there and soon elite paramilitary foreign soldiers from Europe entered into countries as masked police and working with federal police continued abductions and killings under the pretext of a drug war, and handled transfers of low level “sacerdote negros” and drug dealers to death venues by pretexts of false arrests.

The Judaeo/Christian crown was shared across Europe’s Monarchies and though history its royals and citizens had suffered many wars, but now it was ultimately controlled by Masons and Skull and Bones through their secret Inner Group at Malta that held only White Leaders in their midst and their more NAZI leaders remained intent on keeping the world hostage and in holocaust.

The Drug War in Spain was little different than most and many countries suffered their drug war.

Before waves and waves of men of the world’s different militaries took over, like Vietnam and Afghanistan,  Masons ran the drug war.

The drug wars of the 21st century were wars to control drugs and wars for drugs and a war waged by government masons around world loyal to the inner groups desire the Secret Society of Masons known as Skull and Bones from their Global Headquarters in Malta.  When in Malta Skull and Bone Leaders attended and openly met at the Collegiate Parish Church of St Paul’s Shipwreck, also known as simply the Church of St Paul’s Shipwreck, a Roman Catholic parish church in Valletta, Malta and one of Valletta’s oldest churches.

Around Europe, the male Crowns had left Christ and the truth faith. In the middle east, Muslims bombed thee royal mosque of Jordans’ crown protesting Jordans’ King.  In the world of Islam, Muslim male leaders and Industrialists were not what they pretended to be.  The Spanish Crown had become Fascist.  For many years men of power in Spain and in other Christian Nations and Monarchies pretended to be Christian and the United States was no different.

Spain’s military leadership and politicians had long left Christ and Christianity the reasons for its existence and began persecuting and abducting  its citizens and pitting them against each other and against Islam before a great awakening took place among the religious devout.

The International Fraternal Order of Masons Skull and Bones had the world in a death grip and change began almost simultaneously around the world.

It would be the start of a worldwide revolution with civil wars in every country and students, citizens and the military fighting to win back their freedom.  Travel, control of water, goods services and transportation between nations soon became another problem and struggle for the students and volunteers each in their own provinces states and municipalities.  Many student massacres by government forces were concealed from the public and from making news, but in certain countries news of genocide and ethnic cleansing and news of serial killings made the papers often and frequent.  In Mexico, citizens protested femnicide and the ruthless murders and massacres of its mason dictatorship presidency.

At Granada young athletes and Cadets both Christian and Muslim the participants of the reenactment worked together and had organized students in secret to take over the Administration in the small city of Granada very similar to other times in history when they have fought together against forces  and enemies whose ideals and religion are as old as the book  Numbers and maybe older.  Through History war against Idol worshipping nations has been a problem.

Little was said about details that took lives of tourist at Granada that day and the drug war had triggered a worldwide uprising against a mason superstructure that was not what it pretended to be.

In the United States some more than others days seemed to be colored red, like blood; but the nights were blue and a cool moon always brought peace to the days events.

The United States of America was said to control the world and said to have the greatest military in the world having more than 34 Intelligence and military agencies controlling the technology superstructures that ran the world.

The United States Department of Defense was a military who had been lied to and whose people had been betrayed by U.S. Mason leadership and all control of U.S. technology shifted over to Europe who in 1990s began planning the takeover in East Berlin.  This military spending was noticed by a Christian candidate for the Presidency known as Ross Perot a formy military man and a devout Christian. 

Masons had men working around the clock filming and pre-planning politics in each country carefully pre-planning elections and the future installment of leaders around the world some elected some not.

Years had passed and all of Skull and Bones High Priest leaders had perished without a trace but they remained in the news for a long time. Masons who replaced them had perished and remained in the news as if nothing had happened until militaries were confronted with major decisions.  Most agreed to defend their countries but had little idea of the armies hidden inside in their nations in advance awaiting drone protocols to activate.  Some became American in the process and many did not.

In the United States control for the White House had seen the ruin of many buildings, but none of it was shown on television.  With time the military announced they had overthrown the government by acting and overtaking activist popularity by supposedly taking over their cause, But drug News and Death news continued.

The brigade that had initially taken control of the capital was nearly 100% european paramilitary led by a brilliant Japanese officer who spoke perfect English and was initially passed off for a dead Japanese American soldier of a similar age who had previously died in war on terror, an american citizen whose family had suffered in World War II.

Carl was a brilliant soldier – to brilliant – and was kicked out of the Japanese military  forces and trained by a secret white supremacist black hand military intlligence base on the Island of Tawain.  Carl controlled washington and had perfect media control of a 500 mile radius off centened from the Distric of Columbia that included the harbor. This opened up doors for him around the United States.

From a war torn Washington D.C. which no one saw on television because he controlled satelites, Carl peddled anything he could from drugs to arms to stolen tobacco

It was several years after its fall and Carl still held command.  Earlier in the day. he was convinced by european counterintelligence that he was now a popular figure and accepted by America.  Carl looked over the intelligence  and ordered nationewide news conference to be held in front of the White House at noon.  He told his staff, he was going to install a new puppet president and address Americans and supposedly quell their fears.  He knew different and ordered new people be assigned to communicate with him from headquarters @ Malta.

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