Truck driver Tex a member of the Washington D.C. resistance and former CIA agent before it was disbanded sat quietly praying before his alter to the Virgin Mary finding himself now in an unfamiliar position with no way out.

He had just finished making a an illegal analog A. M. radio and found a radio station in Virginia playing Mahalia Jackson.  It was comforting music and reminded him of south during his first days in the service.

He prayed a Hail Mary and looked at a picture of his wife and family and prepared himself looking at a map of La Fayette Park.  Outside German shepherds sniffed for chemical weapons and he could hear them as canine teams scanned the neighborhood.

This was part of having clearance to work in Washington D.C. something it took about year to establish.  POTUS long since gone now OPAL controlled the white house.

POTUS had previously installed officers soldiers in the military and in the civilian population and whole brigades in each state that spoke perfect english.

Slowly over the last 7 years American born soldiers had been executed together with citizens in secret prisons and replaced with english speaking soldiers who never called home and were always on top secret missions.

In some cases whole families and extended relatives dissapeared and in others their parents were told their kid died oversees fighting Al-Quaeda.

Americans thought they were at war and the U.S. military had to go underground.

Tex remembered the Terror War and with his own two eyes holding sniper position saw a Muslims attack their own Mosque.  The Mosque was under the control of – a BLACK HAND –  back then connected to an inner group who refuted masonry saying that they were a better form of White Supremacy if there is such a thing.

Jordanians had a reputation for not tolerating bad leaders and previously had bombed the Mosque When Abdullah was King.   It seemed the good people of Jordan hated the black hands of white supremacy as much as Tex.  They had taken away the way of life for everyone around the world each group in their own way.

He waited  for a nock on the door and none came his backpack encased in plastic had passed and he knew his men had pulled off a masterful feat.   Still he had no doubts.  It took his team 1 year to set up a direct assault on OPUS command at the white house using a big truck bomb and Lafayette park was on his rout.  He knew any hesitation would be more costly to Operatives working in Washington D.C.

All communications were being monitored, but his task force had managed to communicate through the turning off and on of lights using a special military code.

He looked outside his basement apartment at the streetlights.  The red and yellow were working perfectly and the green light needed repairing.  In the distance police officers had pulled the body of a another woman from a large bin.  Another unsolved murder. Unable to sleep he stayed up all night thinking about his kids and his wife.

How could we have let it come to this? He asked himself.

It was now 6 in morning and he had to get ready for work.  He had built a great deal of trust for this very day. He prayed another Hail Mary for good luck.  His task force would need a small miracle to take back the White House.