JCNY We love girls, we love curls and we love squirls.  Our ocean and environment is to us our canvass upon where our photographers turn dreams into realities.

We have an extensive network of education, humanitarian human and animal rights websites that can be found directly through any search engine or at one of our websites or affiate websites.

Donations are a touchy subject right now and we reccomend you talk to people and even the police directly before donating to anyone.  We ourselves nor our foundation solicite donations.  This means we do not ask you for money.

Activism is why we exist and why we always be on the lookout for the problems that hurt our society so much.  We even saved the fashion Industry by believing in it.

Currently we are working on the news industry and having great success.  News activism is now added the care and concern category a new activist category.  I expect many watchdog organizations to pop up.   Regardless there is much work ahead.

All our designers brands are working on their activism presentation a never ending work of life so make sure to look out for activist presentations at each of our designers and shoe makers.

JC Angelcraft New York