A glimpse of some of our plans at JC Angelcraft

March 5th, 2018  JC Angelcraft

Good morning.

”Good morning JC Angelcraft”  said wee-bitty bunny

”I feel pretty lucky today”

Good morning wee-bitty.  I would like you to share with us what you did in Beverly Hills untill the cows come home.

”Ok” and wee-bitty continued

JC Angelcraft has built a reputation to always have citizens best interests at hand.

As a result places around the world are hopeful a JC Angelcraft will be made for their city, town state, region or even a good religion and  We have made several already.

Each JC Angelcraft is thematic and blessed.  A platform is intended to inspire interest in the community of its location.

We believe for those who manage the concept well JC Angelcraft will help people in a community to help each other.   Think about ultra safe places on-line where adults and children can gather together do local business on-line while being inspired on every day to write, create and make something new.

 These venues when they are made will be free and designed to stimulate the economy and draw tourists to the communities who want tourists and business to those that want business while voicing the opinion of the people who write and live in the areas that are represented in their JC Angelcraft.  We care about ”your” loving voices.

They don’t all have to carry our ”big city” fashion labels maybe they might carry one of your own design.  There are yet designer socks to be made to my liking.

”Designer Socks!” Shhh its a secret

It is mostly in the big cities that JC Angelcraft will carry a big city fashion feel, but in every single JC Angelcraft there will be the importance, authority and assurance that you need to feel comfortable again to doing business on-line like with our banks and better commercial establishments,

I expect small local businesses and local people’s products to be advertised freely at JC Angelcraft to help them and their communities draw whatever interests they need to draw to make money locally before going International.  Small business and Independence has its own place in the market and is a basic principle of business.

Warning:  International business is the favored spot of terrorists who will work daily to rip you off or get a piece of your good business and they target them all promising wealth and riches to the owners, thing people can achieve on their own.   Though the mason has vanished, mason like thinking has not.  They will work  ”the honest john” bit as well so be careful.   It is important to remember that person’s personal integrity  is backed by their good word and good actions.

Like all things Angelcraft, JC Angelcraft community sites will protect and facilitate small business and not allow mason white supremacy to exploit the poor like before and steal from people and businesses like they did before.

I expect each JC Angelcraft to be attached to municipal authorities and to deliver what an area is capable of delivering no matter how simple or minimal.

We can also in the same city or town have two JC Angelcrafts one seperate from a Government oriented one where you can buy public health gear and another venue to do government transactions and link securely into government data bases an information.   Any government gear you buy the money goes to your public health system and government agencies.  I expect God’s Holy Spirit to bless each JC Angelcraft and make them vehicles to bless the citizens of each community that they represent.


Although originally only capital cities were intended, plans are now being considered to make JC Angelcraft news and fashion websites in as many cities that require us, want us and who need our help.

Think about it JC Angelcraft  in barns and on farms.

The future JC Angelcraft is safety for writers, writing and news.

This means many people’s futures are going to be intimately and personally intertwined in writing for us and in doing so their reputations are beyond reproach and their news unquestionable.

Penetrating us is both the first and the last of our concerns.  It is important for me to trust you like I do every day.

Deception in the news worldwide about politics and the donald trump presidency among others and plans to cover up even more crimes has created a media holocaust.

What used to be reputable has been ruined by mason white supremacy.  They have destroyed what you love as well as my businesses.

We are making great strides as well and with time a whole new rating system that I and good people control will clarify to you what is and what is not controlled by terrorists or secret society types of people who used to control your world.

The JC Angelcraft Superstructure will always be  overseen and managed by the world crown @ versailles to keep men and women from corrupting it.  We have hope for simple people and communities who have been brainwashed by white supremacy.

Each JC Angelcraft will be unique.  Small business owners will be asked to write their own article for their free advertising.  We want each space inside JC Angelcraft that carries people’s good products to be special unique and regularly updated.

JC Angelcraft