We remain at a level 7 state of emergency

After the todays evaluation of todays destroyed private and government property by International Organized crime We still remain at a level 7 state of emergency for poltical news and general information,

TIFFANY & CO. Initiatives are simple ways of conveying the public their current projects and we monitor each one.

The best way to support TIFFANY & CO. is to be a customer and also your moral support counts for alot.

Even being a potential customers and a fan is helpful.

The company has more than enough money to stay in business.

People are being cared for by God and God does need socialists help to care.

Todays problem socialists do not care about people.  Innocent minded socialists are misinformed people who are led to believe and think the world needs their help and they are all different and all socialists are led by the murderous factions of white supremacy.

Please contact our customer service department and complain if you feel Tiffany & Co. has conducted deceptive business practices and I will support your complaint if you have evidence against  TIFFANY & CO.

Please talk customers service if you have any questions with regards to this political word ”initiative” currently associated with bad business as conducted by organized crime.

We at Tiffany & Co. are not organized crime for using this word.

We at Tiffany & Co. do not fund concentration camps or modern day refugee camps through initiatives.

Please shop at Debeers or any of our Diamond providers if Tiffany & Co. initiative commercials are offensive to you and we at Tiffany & Co. completely understand.

JCANGELCRAFT provides Tiffany and Co. any added financial support they need for their intiative compaigns in support of their need to help artists or elefants or whatever they propose but it has to be legitimate or else they cannot operate.

We do not support white supremacys definition of artists meaning their own pockets.

I should remind the public that we are on your side and I will shut down Tiffany and Co. if it is proven that the company is not saveable for cooperating with terrosists.

No company is worth white supremacy and their death squads.

No company is worth socialists facist communists master race ethnic cleansing murderous child trafficking white supremacy no matter how good their commercials are.

Please make sure your evidence is solid before submitting it and so can we shut down the company immediately and start a new busines with our stock far away from white supremacy and their agents.

Thank you.

JC Angelcraft


Ticket 122320170004 MOOC L’instant figé au Louvre Entrez dans la danse episodes 2 & 3 have been removed from JC Angelcraft.

MOOC L’instant figé au Louvre Entrez dans la danse episodes 2 & 3 have been removed from JC Angelcraft.

I only wish complainers worked as hard to take down the mason men that took away our hopes and dreams through their deception and their deceptive practices.

The crimes of mason men are beyond description and I hate to repeat them. ”Only at the upper levels” say some men a strategy the keep alive respect for this murderous group still in conspiracy through their Black-Hands network.

MOOC L’instant figé au Louvre Entrez dans la danse episodes 2 & 3 can still be seen at the LOUVRE Museum where they remain a fixed presentation.

The person featured in the videos was never a politician or anyone of political importance like the closet drag queens that belonged to the Masons and the Freemason and there were many.

One day the people who today oppose me for striking down their Mason heroes and their Mason system will wake up and think more clearly and I hope when that day comes that their lives are changed because of it.

I believe there is no better way to exorcise this world than to attack Masonry and Freemasonry and its white supremacy consistantly, constantly, frequently and make it fashionable to do so.

These men of masonry were 33 degree grand master high priest wizard who denied children prayer in public schools and were repuslive and murderous in their secret religious lives and practices.

And while they made us seperate our good religion from the state, they made their religion ”the state” and hid its secrets from us.  See Skull and Bones  and Hard Truths on Human Rights more information

Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1st nom de plume JC Angelcraft

Ticket 122220172304 The USPHS 1936 YouTube channel is in the process of being made.

Official announcement : CNC Centers for Disease Controls & Prevention and any agency of medical and military importance is now Headed by Dr. Nancy Knight second only to myself.  Jose Maria Chavira M.S.  Adagio 1st nom de plume JCAngelcraft

The USPHS 1936 YouTube channel in the process of being made.

It serves the people of the United States of America and now the world as part of our continued effort to educate the public about our historical struggle against white supremacy terrorism.  

Here Public Health Teams can analyze 1936  just 5 years before world war II.

Back in 1936 the average citizen took little Interest in matters of public health.

But even in 1936 there posed the imminent threat of widespread epidemics and threats of biological-terror attacks by terrorists loyal to white supremacy.

We hope this 1936 educational channel serves as a reminder that the Public Health Service is always at war against the spread of disease in the United State States of America and its territories.

Many other Health Departments around the world have succeeded also in fighting bio-terrorism.

This channel is in agreement with current efforts to educate the public and the citizens of the United States of America in all matters of the importance of disease prevention and public health.

Under myself and Dr. Nancy Knight The United States Public Health Service now heads the United States Department of Defense and we are working to change the makeup and character of the average soldier by introducing a more educational enlistment program to go along with basic training.

Cooming soon is another article on bio-terrorism .

At Angelcraft Crown Global Security Corporation one can be read right now.  https://angelcraftcrownglobalsecuritycorporation.wordpress.com/2017/11/30/there-is-a-public-posting-at-my-interpol-office/

Their are many historic examples of bio-terrorism terrorsists through history and that have occured around the world.

To transmit disease, Bioterrorists uses insects, humans, animals, trash and even plants to kill people by the masses.

Historically these attacks occur before, during and between wars.   Because of the magnitude of damage we know these are man-made disasters.

Historically we have suffered much because of bio-terrorism and we have succeeded also in overcomming bio-terrorism historically in our fight againts the agents of bio-terrorism.

”Let me see” said Wee Bitty Bunny ”What does it say?” ” well wee-bitty It says we have to become more educated about public health”  ”ok” JC








Jose Maria Chavira M.S. EMA Emergency Management Agency The United States Public Health Service


CNC The Disease Controls & Prevention is now Headed by Dr. Nancy Knight second only to myself.   https://www.cdc.gov/heartdisease/prevention.htm

Web M.D. https://www.webmd.com/

Recorded in 1898 John Terrell “Zizzy Ze Zum Zum!” Berliner disc #1923

INTERPOL has been updated.  Because of the extensiveness of these matters I do not want to do alot of these but as the days carry on I will do what is needed.  https://internationalpoliceandintelligenceforce.wordpress.com/interpol-archives-public-transparency/interpol-archive-12212017627am-barack-obama-2007/

RAGTIME SONG recorded in 1898 John Terrell “Zizzy, Ze Zum, Zum!” Berliner disc #1923

Zizzy, Ze Zum, Zum!  – Words by Karl Kennett  – Music by Lyn Udall

Lyric notes:  The words ”sin” and ”devil” have been edited out of this version of the score  by JC Angelcraft for greater appeal to a world listening and reading audience.  We have a much better and lighter audio recording prepared ask background music for a Connie Mack lesson and ready for the use at the White House emergency media account.  The radio effect includes  the voice of Connie Mack in a early radio interview at the turn of the twentieth century-

In the music the words are difficult to discern and people are naturally prone to look them up so before you get dissapointed give this ragscore a chance.  Its harmless.  JC Angelcraft

Sung sung by Arthur Collins (c.1898) from Collected Works of Arthur Collins part 1 at archive.org. Hear Brian Hefferan sing his 2004 version from his Everybody’s Doin’t album. View original 1898 sheet music from the Lester S. Levy Collection at Johns Hopkins University.

A happy little chappie at the club one da had nothing at all to do

So he wrote a little ditty in a ragtime way and sang a verse or two

And the other little chappies when they heard that son they said “It’s a peach, by gum!”

And the all joined in and sang like this

Ze Zizzy ze zum zum zum  Ze zizzy ze zum zum, zizzy ze zum zum

That was the rag refrain

Ze zizzy ze zum zum, zizzy ze zum

It drove them all insane

From the yappy of the chappie to the deep bazoo of the raggedy tag old bum dim the whole town rang with the rattlely bang of the zizzy ze zum zum, zizzy ze zum zum, zizzy ze zum zum zum

The neatest little sweetest little maiden gay with a little wooly dog on a chain Was skipping and a tripping on her homeward way, and caught the rag refrain and she sang it to the spieler of the belfry chimes, and he to his belfry chum and the chime he chome in the glimm’ring gloam was ze zizzy ze zum zum zum

The happy little chappie got a dreadful jolt When he thought of this awful crime So he took his little ditty and he tried to bolt, they caught him just in time

He is tenting and repenting on a red hot stove where the little red fires come and they don’t do a thing but make him sing-

”Let me see” said Wee Bitty Bunny ”What does it say” ”ze zizzy ze zum zum zum” –”let me try” asked wee-bitty ”ok wee-bitty”   ”–ze zizzy ze zum zum zum” . very good wee-bitty








Ticket 12202017 @ 02:44 Angelcraft Planet TV

We remain at level 7  state emergency for general news and information. – JC Angelcraft

FAQ:  Will JCANGELCRAFT transfer these notices posted here?

If this media and technology war goes on much longer, yes will JCANGELCRAFT will use information created here to start another warning system.  As many as it takes to keep people informed and safe.

FAQ:  What is a media crisis?

”Let me see” said Wee Bitty Bunny ”What does it say”  It is a media crisis is one where International Criminal Organizations band together to try to overthrow  governments of the world by telling political financial and general lies to the public  wee-bitty.   ”Ok” said wee-bitty bunny  

A media crisis is one where international criminal organizations bond together in conspiracy to overthrow world government using media for example  .e.g. illegal Donald Trump Potus White House account which poses a public health risk.

Together with Nancy Knight and the United States Public Health Service and health services around the world we are aiming to correct our errors and inform citizens of this media disaster now going on 7 years of enormous deceptive practices by paramilitary black hands loyal to the practices of white supremacy.

They fooled many people with their phony election and news coverage, many who still work for me and who are people of enormously great character.  We are doing our best to minimize their efforts and with Gods help this should be over in 2018.


INTERPOL ARCHIVE SAMPLES – https://internationalpoliceandintelligenceforce.wordpress.com/

FAQ: Why was Angelcraft Planet TV Suspended?

The new Angelcraft Planet TV only had one video on it.  There were no copyright infringements on this account or deceptive practices.

This deceptive practice routine and it is a routine is a common false accusation used by these black hand militaries against a lot of people and they sometimes manage to find support because they upload old 2010 Trump videos for Americans videos made before the false election of  2016.  

I do not owe them anything but maybe some Americans feel obligated to these foreigners for keeping Trump alive using his old videos. It makes no sense why they would tear down any of our accounts if they were such good people.

The video was a Halo Chevrolet commercial  about helping Americans feel better about being American and old reflective Chevrolet and Halo commercial video with made in the tradition of Dina Shore and Peggy Lee.

You can see this video at YouTube Family Corporation at Facebook   https://www.facebook.com/YouTubeFamily.Corp.725.5thAve.NewYork.N.Y.10022USA/

It was a masterful economy-stimulating selfess  YouTube account remastered and had many purposes to it for Americans including used part links for old Chevrolet cars and others for which the account did not make money off of.  Let me share it again with you.  http://www.gregsonline.com/

Historical Information about Halo Shampoo was also provided by the Smithsonian Institution.   http://americanhistory.si.edu/collections/search/object/nmah_210364

The forces who destroyed the account were anti-american paramilitary black hands.  Maybe in 6 months we’ll make another account.  To many world citizen accounts have been destroyed and not put back,

This is a small example of the bad will these paramilitary forces have for the human race in general.

The account did not attack them or their white supremacy in any way.  They are vicious killers liars murderers and thieves.

Their influence is responsible for the destruction of much property around the world belonging to real Government.

We remain at level 7  state emergency for general news and information. – JC Angelcraft


Ticket no. 1219020170028 YouTube alert and public information

JCANGELCRAFT RODEO has its own domain now.  New Link – Conspiracy of Lies.

Faqs:  People ask if people get fired at YouTube?

The answer is a bit complicated but yes they do and YouTube works like any company or organization where employees get fired for any number of reasons.  At YouTube we have problems with organized crime people who pretend to be lawyers and pretend to work for YouTube and they change every day.

In the past former YouTube organized crime employees have gone to jail.  In other cases YouTube employees have quit their Job or changed occupations.  Many employees helpe us to sort things out like they help you.

I have no intentions to shut down YouTube despite my company being used against me from time to time and things are getting better.  What is bothersome to me is somehow criminals succeeded in taking down a special warning system.

Taking down a warning system is behavior typical of black-hand paramilitaries who want to keep you in a media-shell and bombard you with Donald Trump news or its equivalent without interferences.

This practice is media and news marginalization and under different circumstances could lead to widespread panic and fear.   Thank goodness God is on our side.

Warning systems are vital to human existence.  Imagine us twenty years ago and the same things happened.  It would be a precursor to an all out military invasion and the setting up of detainment areas by black hand military men calling themselves socialists communist.

News forgettance is also one of their favorite things to do to citizens,  Getting you to forget the crimes of their politicians is vital for them to retain a stranglehold on your lives.  That is why I work to remind you of their crimes from time to time.   https://angelcraftcrownglobalsecurityservices.wordpress.com/2017/12/18/mexico-gobierno-de-la-republica-the-acteal-massacre-december-22-1997/


All criminal activity at YouTube among other places is daily is pushed through the processes of justice that are both divine and human.  Good laws and good justice is always divine and comes to us from God.

YouTube is a war zone but is generally safe for most people.  Just control what you see with your eyes and hear your ears.

YouTube hackers tell people all kinds of excuses that they pass on to others.    This is a HYDRA strategy.

The HYDRA is a mythical animal that if you cut one head off, another will grow in its place.  So too after each criminal is brought to justice another takes their place.

This is called Lying in conspiracy and its the only way this monster of a criminal organization can keep alive and they use this strategy until their members run out.  A conspiracy of lies to retain power is historical and has been with us since the early days in greece and egypt Hurculese being the most famous to fight with the hydra.

Members of organized crime care for nothing for you and if they cannot steal your money, they work at destroying your property or leading you down the road of self -destruction.

I have in the past experienced shut down of my professional YouTube account having a perfect account.  And YouTube is my company and daily we fight with organized crime people there and in many other places to help keep your world and YouTube account safe.

So if your account is perfect and its still taken down like has happened with us more than one, then you know its not a program and statistics also prove this to be true.  Their are people behind the programs with selfish and financial goals, hackers with no faces who fail more than they succeed.

If you are an ordinary person and your YouTube or media account has been accused falsely by organized crime and shut down through their hacking into YouTube.  Just make a new account.

We are every day fighting their sabotage to all programming intended to make your life easier and not worse.

There are no limits to third-party use of certain types of videos with ad-music provide by YouTube.  These are — in most cases–personal videos that you make using free music provided YouTube.  But I suggest you do your best to keep them down if that’s what you were accused of and use only the ADD-FREE music.  Selections are less but there are plenty of good things there.

Inside the YouTube Catalog of add-free music and regular ad attached music  copyright attachments never used to happen, now no matter how hard you work to please these organized crime hackers and their legalism, they will still punish you.  They are murderers liars and thieves now without mason leaders and more corrupt than ever.

The hacking into YouTube has destroyed all hope I had for the hackers who are ordinary people who daily change, have no faces and get support from people who do have faces.

JCANGELCRAFT is a professional company.  Ours and our Fashion companies the many Labels that we have use popular music and film and this is not problem, but even we do not over do it and we make our own films.

Music is a touchy subject with organized crime who pretends to own all the copyrights we own and work their deception on the public to gain their support but they can never silence the written word.

If you were accused of deceptive practices and you know its not true just make another account.

If organized crime blocks your e-mail inside  YouTube or anywhere and makes you feel like a criminal, make your to pray and simply open a new e-mail account.

On Behalf of YouTube and all Video media providers I apologize if organized crime’s hackers hurt your feelings and bore false witness against you.

They are very good a bearing false witness.  We are currently in a news media and information emergency level  7.

The hackers that upload the Donald Trump videos change every day despite the lies that you are told to the contrary.

Anybody pretending to represent the military, government or business to committ crimes against you will be brought to justice as usual.

This is the least we can do for you.

Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1st  nom de plume JCANGELCRAFT